Please do not write any articles. I am making the transfer to Mediawiki right now please don't make me have to copy and paste more. Just wait until the transfer is done.

Job Opening

2 Administrators needed - To learn what an administrator's job is go here:

If you have been an administrator on another Wiki it will increase your chances. Good quality articles will also increase your chances.


Switching to Mediawiki

I will be switching to Mediawiki at an unknown time. When we have succesefully transfered to Mediawiki I will post a link to it here. I am switching because this wiki will be run on CPHQ's server once we're on Mediawiki which means the link to it will be Hurray! :-)

-Friend 001

Rollback Ability Will Be Given to a Select Few

If you have good contributions and are an active Contributor you will be given the "Rollback" ability which allows you to revert articles to the way they previously were before the most recent editing of that article. So if you want be sure to start writing some articles :-)

Rollback Given to Harpier0419

aka Stardude0419 on CPHQ. His contributions have been very high quality and satisfactory. I have decided for him to be the first person to get the Rollback ability. :-)

-Friend 001

Featured Article

No featured article yet check back in a few days