Introduction Edit

Flooger is considered to be the second Sly Cooper their personalities are almost identical with little differences. They are both good friends and enjoy trolling the forum together.

Banned Edit

Flooger is currently banned (24 hours) for spamming multiple times. He walked right into the ban as he got a warning saying "if you spam one more time your going to be perma-banned" he purposely posted a spam topic shortly afterwards.

Moderation Edit

Back in the early days when CPHQ was still running phpBB3 and Club Penguin cheating was actually worth looking into, Flooger was a moderator a kickass one to say the least. He eventually quit CPHQ but a few years later, came back which surprised and enlightened everyone.

Death Hoax Edit

Back in 2007, Flooger made a post on his blog saying had been hit by a 36-wheeler truck (not sure on the number). A picture showed that a tattered shirt was all the remained of him. It was intended as a prank on the readers of his blog, and everyone fell for it and were devastated. Flooger then told everyone that it was a hoax.