Introduction Edit

Friend 001 is a more calm and more serious person. He does have a sense of humor but normally uses it on the IRC or o


Friend 001's smexy avatar

n private chats with other people. Sometimes his fun side will rarely show on the forum but more commonly on chat rooms and private chats. Friend 001 can also get mad very easily and has been pissed off by a few people that were trying to piss him off. On a side note Friend 001 also created this wiki with his own bear hands.

His Place on the Forums Edit

Friend 001 doesn't have very much importance on CPHQ he just kind of sits there posting things. He tried to become a moderator for few months but failed horribly.

Staff Position Edit

A while back Friend 001 applied to be a Podcaster. He waited eagerly to be told if he got the job or not and was soon thrilled to know that he did get the job. However the podcast was an epic fail and his voice was never heard (atleast not on the podcast it wasn't) Friend 001 isn't a podcaster anymore but do to the laziness of the staff members they don't bother to remove his name color, rank, or podcaster permissions.

Contributions to the Forum Edit

Friend 001 hasn't done much for the forums but as mentioned before he created this wiki. He has thought of a few interesting suggestions that were never listened to and he had 3 sticky'd posts that were posted before the big update.