Introduction Edit

Hanna is one of the few female users on CPHQ. She has awesome art skills and frequently posts her arts in the art section of CPHQ. And as andrewp182 says She draws yoai.

Its green because she is a moderator, its on fire because she believes she is a nazi and she has to burn everything :'(

WRONG! Sly said it first.

Possible Art Hoax Edit

Sly Cooper was talking to Hanna on a private chat. The conversation was steered into asking her about her art. She said that her brother drew it for her and she takes the credit she also added that it wasn't her brother it was her cousin. Sly Cooper was shocked and posted it on CPHQ. Afterward Hanna claimed that she was just kidding.

Moderation Edit

Hanna is currently a Super Moderator on CPHQ. Ex-moderator Donkey helps her with her moderation when she is not sure what to do.

CPHQ Family Tree Edit

Hanna drew a CPHQ family tree that depicts the internet history of all "CPHQers"

*image coming soon*

Location Edit

Her location is very disputed rumors have spread around that she lives in one of the following places.


New York

New York City



Northwestern America

And if I'm not mistaken, Mexico