He's complete bullshit.

== Memes ==Many in-forum memes have been created by Sly Cooper including the popularity of Youtube Poop on the forum and Free Sex! art.

== Banned==Sly was banned for 2 weeks for calling Fire (Steven) Hitler on the forum. He did not recieve a warning prior to this, since then he claims the staff are NAZI'S.

Sly Cooper was perma-banned from CPHQ for flaming or spamming (not entirely sure) At first he wanted to stay banned but after a while he wanted to come back and made a hilarious attempt to come back by making over 9000 four double accounts with hilariou

s names to get around his ban for about 2 days. There was a large campaign held to unban him and eventually he was unbanned, even though a larger majority wanted him to stay banned.

== Proof of his Personality ==as you can see Sly Cooper (Cooperitos on this wiki) has edited this page to his liking and it clearly shows his personality. I will keep it this way just for the lulz.


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